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Passive Fire Protection:

• IP Cabinets

• Cabinets are small and medium watertight cases, carefully finished, made in AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel, carbon steel or light alloy.
• Suitable to be mounted on the equipment itself or directly to the wall, they are available both with blind door and door with lexan window, and with an internal galvanized or stainless steel plate.
• Cabinets can be customised with various accessories such as storm doors, roofs, wall mounting etc. On request, we also supply the removable grommet plate. Our cabinets guarantee an IP 66 index protection.


• The cabinet is obtained from a single sheet with multiple-folding shape and watertight welding
• Blind door or with lexan shatter-proof window (in conformity with the accident-prevention regulations in force) in order to meet safety and inalterability requirements. Door with trimmed profiles for a perfect stability
• All cabinets are supplied with optional locks, all of them interchangeable with the standard ones and all of them with low voltage or Yale keys
• Inner stainless steel hinges: 120 °C opening as per CEI EN 60204-1 standards
• EPDM or silicone gaskets applied on the fold edge of the cabinet body
• Galvanized or stainless steel inner tool-holder plate fastened on the cabinet back wall by means of threaded bolts included in the supply
• The inner plate can be supplied pre-drilled for fastening the instrumentation
• Pre-setting for grounding in conformity with law regulations
• On request, fixing supports in AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel, carbon steel or light alloy are supplied and they can be applied on the cabinet back to be fixed to the wall
• Upon customer request, zone for instruments (gauges) allowing them to be visible without the need to open the door
• Upon customer’s request, access by double door
• IP 66 protection index
• Painting on request and according to customer’s specifications
• Arctic Service Execution, with minimum environment temperature down to - 60° C and with internal heater in several executions
• Supplied, on request, with sealing able to resist to hot and cold temperatures (from - 60°C to + 250°C)
• Supplied, on request, with friction hinges planned to remain blocked and impeding the hatch to close when subjected to a thrust below that imposed by the friction

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